Applicants must submit their applications to the institute of international education. If applicants are not residing in Korean and cannot visit the institute to submit their applications, they may send the application documents via international mail by themselves, or agents entrusted by the applicants may visit the institute to submit the applications. Application documents must be written and signed by applicants. the institute will act as a proxy in visa application for the applicants of Chinese nationality in China who have passed the document screening.
Students can choose to register for varied terms from 4 weeks to 1 year. Tuition amounts vary according to the number of terms selected.
  • 1 term (10 weeks) : KRW 1,400,000
  • Half term (5 weeks) : KRW 750,000
  • ※ Vietnam and 21 Countries notified by Ministry of Justice student must register for more than 1 year.
Withdrawal and Refund
  • Refund request before the start of the quarter: 100% of the tuition
  • Refund request before ⅓ of the class hours after the quarter begins: ⅔ of the tuition
  • Refund request before ½ of the class hours : ½ of the tuition
  • One-half after the quarter begins, tuition is not refundable.
  • But, if the applicant's visa has been extended with the letter of admission and certificate of enrollment issued by the International Affairs team, a refund is not possible except when there is a special reason.
    * Special reasons: serious illness, death of an immediate family(documentary evidence must be submitted)
  • Withdrawal Procedure
    1. Students must visit the office of International Affairs team to fill out the refund application form and submit the original copies of the letter of admission and tuition receipt.
    2. The following documents should be sent to the International Affairs team by mail after students return to their home countries.
    * documents for submission: evidential document (medical certificate or death certificate of an immediate family), certificate of entry to the home country, copy of bank statement and account number under the student's name
    * Once the submitted documents are verified, an amount excluding a remittance charge will be remitted to the students' bank account.
Scholarship Benefits
  • If a student of Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture enters the undergraduate program of Kwangwoon University, an exemption benefit of 60% of the tuition of the first term is provided.