Academic regulations are intended for the students of the Intensive Program. The regulations are adjusted accordingly for students in other programs.
  • Attendance rate is calculated on monthly(8 weeks) basis. Students who miss more than 8 classes out of a total of 40 classes, in other words, whose attendance rate is below 80%, may not complete the level.
  • Students who have failed due to attendance for two terms in succession are expelled from the center.
  • One day of class in the Intensive Program consists of 5 hours of class, and each class runs for 50 minutes. Absences from classes and tardies are checked in every class.
    1. Absences: If students are more than 20 minutes late to a class, it is treated as an absence. Five hours of absences are counted as a day of absence.
    2. Tardies: If students are less than 20 minutes late to a class, it is treated as a tardy. Ten tardies are counted as a day of absence.
  • A test is administered on the last Friday of each month. The four subjects of attendance, assignment, performance assessment, and written test are assessed separately.
  • The perfect score in each subject is 100 points. Students whose average grade is below 70 points fail the level.
  • If students fail a level, they need to repeat the 2-month course they had taken. Students who fail the level in the reassessment are expelled from the center.
  • Cheating on a test results in 0 score of the subject.
  • Expulsion due to failure: Students who fail a level more than twice are expelled from the center.
  • Expulsion due to inappropriate attitudes: Students who act in the following ways are either warned or expelled from the center through teacher meetings. Tuition is non-refundable in these cases.
    1. Students who act in a way that disturbs the class
    (e.g., bad attitude, non-participation in class activities, cheating on a test, etc.)
    2. Students who act in a way that damages the reputation of the KCKLC
    (e.g., criminal act, complicity in a court case, etc.)
    3. Students who are judged to seriously harm other students
    (e.g., fraud, theft, drinking and assault, etc.)
Registered students who wish to continue taking the next term must tell their instructor and pay the tuition at the KCKLC office 1~2 weeks prior to the last day of the term(9th week of each term).