4terms per year(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - 10weeks)

5days a week, total 200 hours of lesson is provided

Students can practice authentic Korean as they participate in various activities

Terms Hours Class descriptions
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 9:00 ~ 13:00 Integrated education in 4 areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing
* Practical practice of related vocabulary and grammar
* Various activities for practical use of learning contents
* Systematic pronunciation training
Application fee : KRW 50,000 * Non-refundable
Tuition fee : KRW1,400,000 / 1term
* Including fees for culture experience
Dormitory fee : KRW260,000/ 1 month
Those who graduated from a high school or possess attainments equal to high school graduates.
<2022 Academic Schedule>





Placement test



2022.03.14(Mon) ~ 2022.05.23(Mon)


Summer 2022.06.08(Wed) ~ 2022.08.17(Wed) 2022.04.22(Fri) 2022.06.02(Thu)
Fall 2022.09.14(Wed) ~ 2022.11.24(Thu) 2022.07.29(Fri) 2022.09.07(Wed)
Winter 2022.12.07(Wed) ~ 2023.02.16(Thu) 2022.10.21(Fri) 2022.11.30(Wed)
* Schedule may change depending on circumstances.
* For srudents from countries such as Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, applications are closed 4 weeks earlier than the above deadline.
* If students have a status of residence in Korea(D-4 visa is not required), applications are closed 2 weeks in advance of semester begins.
* Due to the different time required for each country to issue visas, please contact us as application.