Those who received recommendations from the heads of universities or Korean language education institutes in their own countries.

Participants attend the classes of the Intensive Program in appropriate levels according to the results of Korean language proficiency test administered in the center.

Upon completion of the sixth level, participants observe lessons of each level and participate as assistant teachers for further training for 4 months.

Participants receive teacher training for 1 month in each level, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Additional training is provided for 1 month in a selected level.

Tuition for the Intensive Program when taking the Intensive Program classes

Teacher Training Program 1,500,000

Schedule is set in accordance with the schedule for the Intensive Program.
* Please contact the center for any questions.
Application documents must be submitted 2 months earlier than the period in which applicants wish to begin their training. Please refer to admission information for application procedures and required documents.